CPE Portfolio

WiMAX/LTE Dual Mode CPEs

Our dual model CPE products is fully compliant with 3GPP TD-LTE release 9 and 802.16e Mobile WiMAX Wave 2 standards. The operation mode can be switched via software configuration. Both indoor CPE and outdoor CPE model types are available for customer selection. The supported frequency range and LTE bands includes 2.30-2.40GHz (B40), 2.50-2.40GHz (B41), 3.40-3.60GHz (B42) and 3.60-3.80GHz (B43).

LTE Indoor CPEs (IDU)

We offer a variety of choices for indoor LTE CPE products. The indoor CPE can provide ETH, WiFi and VoIP access to enable quick multiservice deployment for residence and SOHO business. Different CPE class (CAT4 to CAT7) and WiFi options (802.11bgn and 802.11ac) are also available for user selection. A wide range of frequency bands are support by our indoor CPE models. The VoLTE capability can be supported via software upgrade in the future.

LTE Outdoor CPEs (ODU)

The ODU product can enable quick and cost effective broadband services in rural areas for residential and enterprise customers. Our outdoor CPE model ranges from cost effective CAT4 to highly advanced CAT7 4x4 MIMO ODU model. The ODU comes with sophisticated router software, PoE power adapter and mounting bracket. A wide range of frequency or bands are available for to meet customer network needs. LTE-A (CAT12) model is also under development for release this year.

LTE Outdoor CPE Combo Solution (ODU+ROUTER)

Besides the stand-alone ODU model, we also supply ODU with indoor router combo solution. The ODU unit is powered by the router directly via the WAN PoE port. The indoor router unit can provides sophisticated WiFi AP, optional VoIP & VoLTE interface, and built-in VPN client software functions. Depending on the service requirements, the end user can select different product models to serve special customer needs for WiFi, IP voice and LTE data bandwidth.

Special Band CPEs

We are also a pioneer in developing special band CPE solution for LTE and WiMAX markets. We current supply the following special band CPEs for the target markets:

  • 3.3-3.4GHz private band LTE outdoor CPE products
  • 5GHz LTE-U 5GHz ODU (5.15-5.25GHz and 5.825-5.875GHz)
  • 5.1GHz AeroMACS WiMAX ODU (5.091-5.150GHz)