Product Solutions for Vertical Markets

KZ TECH is a leading supplier of 4G vertical network solutions. The solutions are backed by our innovative and cost effective product lines including eNB, core network solution (EPC, MNS and EMS) , access devices (CPE) and industry mobile terminal product lines.

eNodeB & Core Network

For the vertical markets, we offer compact outdoor eNB (macro and Small cell) products for cost effective coverage, ease of installation and reliable operation. Both fixed and mobile applications can be supported.

The core network will consist of EPC, network management systems (NMS) and TR069 based device management systems (EMS). We off both high capacity and light-weight EPC product to meet different customer or deployment needs.


Access Devices

For the fixed vertical application, a full suite of indoor or outdoor CPE products is readily available for customer to choose. Special private band CPE can also be developed for qualified customer with NRE or volume commitment.


Industry Terminals

The vertical market customer will often requires customized mobile and rugged terminal devices. KZTECH will be happy to provide existing or new customized industry terminals including rugged smart phone, Pad or tablet devices, and various vehicular mounted devices. Special embedded modules can also be developed for value customers.