Market Solutions


The 4G technology and products can be used to build a ground wireless network for airport management. The airplane, ground vehicles and service staffs can all benefit greatly from the dedicated LTE network. The network will provide secure data services for the airline and multimedia communication capabilities between the ground staff and command center.

KZTECH has successfully deployed the solution in several major airports in China including the Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou airports. We will be happy to work with customers to deliver the required vertical solution.



The LTE technology and products has great potential in public security sectors. For home land security, a separate and independent LTE network infrastructure is much desired. For important industry areas or government properties, video surveillance and emergency mobile data service are of critical importance.

KZTECH can provide complete end-to-end LTE solution in private band for the public security market. Seamless integration with digital radio trunking system can also be supported on the terminal device if required.



The 4G technology has big potential to help modernize the traditional oil field operation. With the help of various well sensor devices, the oil field LTE network can transmit back the oil well operation status back to operation center in real time which in turn to be analyzed by an oil field operation expert system. This will greatly improve the oil field operation efficiency and minimize the water and electricity resources consumption.

KZTECH has successfully conducted initial oil field trial with our channel partners in two major oil fields in China. Deployments are expected to ramp up quickly in the near future.



The LTE technology and products can be used to build a special network along the train track to provide high speed wireless backhaul service for the high speed. The high speed applications includes public security, train operation status monitoring, passage WiFi service and mobile operator FEMTOCELL backhaul.

KZTECH has developed very unique LTE technologies to overcome the frequency Doppler shift effect in high frequency band and resolve the frequent and fast handover issues using super cell technology for high speed train applications. The high speed train system is capable to support more than 350km/h moving speed at 3.5GHz frequency band.