AirMaster 6100D

Physical & Environmental


DC 48V/0.32A PoE Adapter, <15W




250mm(L) * 250mm(W) * 75mm(D)


Operating Temperature, -40~55. Humidity, 95% max Non-condensing

Water Resistance


LTE Radio Interface

Radio Access

3GPP LTE Release 9, Category4

Operation Mode

1T2R, TxD, DL 2x2 MIMO, Optional UL QAM64 Support

Frequency Band

B31, B7/38/40/41, B42/43

QoS Support

Non-GBR and GBR

Max Tx Power

B31 & B7/38/40/41: 23dBm

B42/43: 27dBm

Antenna Gain

B31: 5dBi

B7/38/40/41: 14dBi

B42/43: 17dBi

User Interface

Data Interface

1 RJ45 10/100M ETH Ports

LED Indicator

PWR, SYS, LAN, SIM, RF (5 Signal intensity LEDs)

SIM Card

Single USIM Card Slot (2FF)

Configurations & Management

LTE Networking

Multiple PDN interface support, IPv4 & IPv6 Networking Support, APN, Channel and Band Configuration, Network Selection and Cell Locking Provision, SIM Card Locking Feature.

Basic Data Networking

Router and L3 Bridge Operation Mode Support, Built-in DHCP Server for LAN Devices, VPN Pass-through support (PPTP, L2TP and IPSEC), Firewall & Access Control, DMZ and Virtual Server Support, IP and Port Filtering Support, NTP Service Support.

Advanced Networking Features

Built-in L2TP L2/L3 Tunneling client support, Built-in GRE L2/L3 Tunneling client support, Device Management Access Control, Application Firewall Support, LAN Device Access Control.

Device Management

CLI, Secure Telnet and WEB Management Interfaces, Standard TR-069 Management, OTA Upgrade Support (http, ftp, and TR069), Dual Image Bank Support for Safe Upgrade, Device Factory Default Setting. 

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Feature Highlights

  • Premium design with built-in high gain LTE MIMO antennas
  • Compliant to 3GPP LTE R9 specifications
  • Advanced DL MIMO, UL QAM64 option and Category 4 throughput
  • Router, bridge and by-pass networking, IPv4 & IPv6 and Multiple PDN support
  • USIM card authentication support
  • Secure Telnet, FTP, HTTP and TR069 OTA management support
  • Router, bridge and by-pass networking, IPv4 &v6 and Multiple PDN support
  • FTP, HTTP, HTTPS and TR-069 management support
  • Pole or wall mounting support