AirMaster 3300V/M

Available Models

AirMaster 3300V: FE Indoor VoIP & Wi-Fi CPE

AirMaster 3300M: GE Indoor VoIP & Dual Band Wi-Fi CPE

Physical & Environmental


DC 12V/1.5A, <15W, optional UPS battery backup




120mm(L) * 120mm(W) * 160mm(D)


Operating Temperature, -15~55. Humidity, 90% max Non-condensing

LTE Radio Interface

Radio Access

3GPP Release 9, Category 4 or 3GPP Release 10, Category 7

Operation Mode

CAT4: 1T2R, DL 2x2 MIMO

CAT7: 2T4R, DL 4x4 MIMO & CA, Optional UL QAM64 Support

Frequency Band

CAT4: B3/7/20/40/41+ B42/43

CAT4: B3/7/20/28+B31

CAT7: B3/7/20/40/41

CAT7: B42/43/48

Max Tx Power

23 dBm

Antenna Gain

B3/7/20/40/41+ B42/43: 3~6dBi

B3/7/20/28+B31: 2~4dBi

B3/7/20/40/41: 3~5dBi

B42/43/48: 5~6dBi

Wi-Fi Interface

Radio Access

AM3300V: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/, IEEE 802.11ac (Optional)

AM3300M: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac

Tx Power

15dBm (2Tx)


3dBi Built-in antenna

Max Users



64/128 bit WEP, WPA/WPA2

User Interface

Data Interface

AM3300V: 2 RJ45 10/100Mbps ETH Ports,1 RJ11 Line Port

AM3300M: 2 RJ45 10/100/1000Mbps ETH Ports,1 RJ11 Line Port,1 USB3.0.

LED Indicator

SYS, NET, RF (4 Signal intensity LEDs), 2.4GHz Wi-Fi,

5GHz Wi-Fi, LINE

SIM Card

Single USIM Card Slot (2FF)

Voice Features

VoIP Processing

Compression G.711 G.721 G.723 G.726 G.729 G.722, Comfort Noise Comfort noise generation & control, Echo Cancellation G.165/168-2000, Silence Handling Silence detection/suppression, Fax Support T.30 and T.38, Delay/Jitter/Loss Jitter and packet loss compensation, DTMF Relay in band DTMF, RFC2833, SIP signal, Call Duration 24+ hours Uninterrupted Call.

Voice Services

[Basic Voices]: Local, domestic & international calling, Flexible dial plan configuration support, Tone customization for different countries.

[Supplement Services]: Caller ID, Caller ID suppression, Call Screening, Speed dial, Call Tracing, Hotline, Unconditional call forwarding, Call Forwarding No Answer, Call Forwarding on Busy, Call Waiting, Call Back, Call Blocking, No Disturbance, Alarm, Network and Local 3-way Call, Data Call, and etc.

Configurations & Management

Network Configuration

DHCP or static IP address assignment, Bridge and router operation support, Built-in DHCP server for LAN devices, IPv4, IPv6 DS-Lite support, Multiple PDN interface support, Cell and PLMN locking support.

Data Networking Features

VPN Pass-through support (PPTP, L2TP and IPsec), Built-in L2TP & GRE Tunneling client support, Firewall & Access Controlled and Virtual Server Support, IP and Port Filtering Support, Local and Remote Management Restriction, Application Firewall Support, LAN Device Access Control.

Device Management

CLI, Secure Telnet and WEB Management Interfaces, Standard TR-069 Management, Device Factory Default Setting, Virtual SIM Card Support.

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Feature Highlights

  • Cost effective & compact design with built-in high gain LTE and Wi-Fi antenna
  • Compliant to 3GPP LTE R9 specifications
  • Advanced 2x2 MIMO support and Category 5 throughput
  • Dual LAN ports, SIP 2.0 VoIP ,USB3.0 and 802.11b/g/n MIMO Wi-Fi support
  • Router, bridge and by-pass networking, IPv4 &v6 and Multiple PDN support
  • VPN & full L2/L3 GRE Tunneling clients support
  • FTP, HTTP, HTTPS and TR-069 management support
  • SIM card authentication and virtual SIM support
  • UPS battery backup option